OEM Services

We can supply at very competitive prices due to our Group’s strength as we have well established procurement, trading and manufacturing facilities in China and Europe.

We own and supply around the world under our various Brand names including Orion, NoriKo, Blu Magix and Thakral or under your own Brand name.

We have had strong relationships in OEM with household brands like Panasonic, Casio and Grundig.

Some of the clients we serve include Tesco, Comet, Dixons, Metro, Carrefour, Auchen, Spar, Virgin Media across UK and Europe.

Why Choose Orion (GB) Limited

Outsouring your requirements

Introduction of new products - Our history of long association with manufacturers means that we work very closely with our partners and can therefore keep you informed of new products and developments.

Speed to market products - Our logistical and operational infrastructure ensures that you can rely on us to introduce new products in to your markets quickly.

Customisation - Our nearly centuries old manufacturing expertise ensures that we are capable of customising your product requirements.

Reliable and long term supplier - Owing to our Group’s financial support, credit arrangements and overall expertise, we can be your reliable partner in an ever increasing and volatile business environment.

Orion is part of the Thakral Group of Singapore